YouTube videos peptide show slove letest update

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YouTube videos peptide show slove letest update

Lets see Swathi and Vina conversation to learning this episode ok

Swathi: hello Vani.
Vina: hello
Swathi: what are you doing?
Vina: I am watching YouTube videos.
Swathi: ok good.
Vina: which topic your see.
Swathi: i see comedy and technology videos
Vina: good every day some comedy is best for now a days YouTube videos and technology updates are one please see.
Swathi: very good yours best things.
Vina: but some problem here
Swathi: what you are tel truth.
Vina: yes
Swathi: why you are happy with videos seeing.
Vina: happy but some time repeated channels are videos are showing dashboard.
Swathi: YouTube is user base automatically generated recommend feed to show videos
Vina: how to slove this problem tell me.
Swathi: ok I tell you YouTube videos are providing you are feed and subscribe channel videos , history based. First your activity are deleting your history first and search history delite.
Vina: ok I delete my history and search history.
Swathi: after opening YouTube dashboard see letest update.
Vina: this good.
Swathi: your check YouTube explore tool.
Vina: how to use this tool
Swathi: this tool your account top side show this is every day letest update high search and popular videos show see this video’s
Vina: only letest update and popular videos show but all type trand how to see.
Swathi: YouTube is some catagory are available.
Vina: which type of catagory.
Swathi: many types like news, movie, songs, education, technology, sports, and health catagory.
Vina: this type how to see my account
Swathi: YouTube explore tope side show this catagory now click to see letest update of YouTube location base automatically language videos are showing dashboard.
Vina: I see every day letest and popular videos in my YouTube account.
Swathi: ok you can do well
Vina: thanks Swathi
Swathi: it’s ok.

Final words: users your also this tips follow your YouTube account and letest update and popular videos.


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