Twitter social media platform is Elan Musk home

Twitter social media platform is Elan Musk home

Are new wings for a tailless thurrupitta? Will the existing wings be cut? This is the same debate since the international international social media platform Twitter was bought by international trader Elan Musk. Musk is the world’s richest man, the head of the Space X, Tesla and Space Research Organization. The tribe talks about the freedom of expression that is not limited. Musk’s next steps have been taken to buy Twitter with about $ 54.2 for Rs 3.30 lakh crore. This is the third largest purchase transaction in the international technology sector.

Musk, who revealed two weeks ago, was buzzing with a 9.2 percent share on Twitter. Sixteen years ago, Twitter, which was formed in the US as a micro -blogging social networking site, is now a big system with over 130 crore accounts. 6 of the mobile apps used by the majority of the world are born. The use of this platform, which expresses emotions in 140 words, is more in Japan, Germany and North America. It is estimated that 19.2 crore people worldwide use it a day. This teenage app is credited with an unlimited impact on an alternative communication and expression platform despite many controversies as a social media platform!

Within the next few months, the musk purchase is over, and the board that runs the company till now is canceled. Public listed company is somewhat private. Musk puts the word in his house in the cage of the cage. However, Musk is also said to be the foundation of freedom of expression of democracy. We want to open an open source of tweets so that they can raise confidence in the people. Spamboats, the Internet program that sends himself a large number of posts, will be blocked by technology. Above all, tweets were changed and equipped to correct it. Until his business imperial interests are disrupted, any of these changes can be worn. Experts suspect that it is possible for the businessman to adhere to such a word if the coast is in a state of disrepair. There are allegations that this big man who has been talking about all these things has been using the same Twitter to block and harass critics for years.

In the meantime, there have been instances where Twitter has been the platform for hate comments and violence beyond healthy conversations over recent years. We have seen Twitter not a consistency in making a problem with trouble. Depending on the political ideology, the freedom of expression is becoming interesting in the present circumstances that are changing one by one! Will he give him the same freedom as a full owner of the company, not as a Twitter account holder with over 8 crore followers? Investor’s mission is to make profits for business money. The same story is our hometown or another musk. It is ideal for those who have business interests to say how great they are, stand for rights and meet. This is why Elan Musk, who bought Twitter, could not imagine this. It is noteworthy that the current CEO Parag Agarwal is also in the future, saying that the future is impeccable, and that he does not know what the future will move towards the future.

For many years to make dreams come true, the factory has been lying on the ground for the deadline and sucking the Tesla, and many times, the ability to become a world kuber. If not, the same worries. The lion’s part of the traditional media has been an independent of the national movement since the time of breath. Whatever the reasons, it has been going into the hands of private and pro -capitalists over time. In such a case, the social media has been the alternative to advanced technology.

In some cases, we have seen the social media platforms as the main duct to make the coin a second perspective and become trade to the throats that are not heard. Popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are now in a monopoly with increasing investments and huge purchases. Another strong indicator of the trend of Twitter in the hands of Musk. It remains to be seen how the technical giant with the Indian government and the judiciary in the case of constitutional custody is no longer acting as Twitter 2.0.

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