Towards a better cyber‌ security

Towards a better cyber‌ security

Towards a better cyber‌ security

Available to the general public over three decades ago, the Internet is a powerful tool in today’s world of ever-evolving technologies. That tool, which is associated with civil rights and freedom of expression, has erased geographical boundaries and made the whole world one. Taviani has evolved into a cosmic platform for any kind of gaps. But governments that seek to confine the platform to sanctions, and companies that misuse it for purely business purposes, are constantly on the lookout for it. In the wake of this, the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and other countries released a joint statement on the Internet on Thursday. Our lack of participation in that team of almost 60 countries is somewhat sad. Although the number of incidents that have stopped the Internet in our country is relatively low compared to the past, it is a credit to us that four years in a row data still holds it back more times than anyone else in the world. Not to mention China, Russia, and some Arab countries with patriarchal systems. It is a daily routine to sift through the information that comes in on the internet and throw out things that could harm them. The United States, which is branded as the “most democratic country” in the world, continues to haunt WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange to this day. That is why people are breaking their lip on the declaration that has just come out. But nothing changes at once. Laying down and bringing stress can lead to good results even if it is delayed.

The Internet is a medium of communication, but it is not always there. There will be bad publicity on social media marching as that platform. Hateful obscenity, outrageous hatred, irresponsible tendencies are the norm there. For those who are a little tired of the stereo-typed cyberspace, problems are lurking in the air. So it is very important to impose the necessary rules for the safety of the people and the social peace, and the work of the hypocrites. Social media needs to be held accountable and pressured to put in place the necessary mechanisms to keep a close eye on false writings, scenes and magicians from time to time. The rescue squad wasn’t called for him, he said. The picture is that governments in most countries do not seem to care much about such extreme trends. They focus on those who question their undemocratic tendencies and expose the administrations of their regime. Taken all the way to our country, many people are still trapped in the web of cyber magic and lose billions of rupees every day in the name of bitcoins and various schemes. Young women and young children are at risk.

If the cyber world is created in such a way as to create an environment conducive to freedom of expression and individual liberty and to strengthen the democratic system … it will be conducive to the growth of all communities if it is improved in a way that does not infringe on the personal privacy of its citizens. Governments will not be held accountable. NGOs operating in the cyber world are exposing how the nations of the world are trying to keep the Internet in check, suppressing protests and dissent. Although the present declaration is a welcome development, it would have been better if the views of such organizations had also been taken into account. The ‘Five Eyes’ (Five Surveillance Eyes) alliance, formed almost 80 years ago to exchange intelligence during World War II, is still operating smoothly. When the United States declared a “war on terror” in 2001, digital surveillance began to break new ground. It is not surprising that the United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, all of which are partners, have raised questions about their participation in the Declaration. All rights reserved. We need to thwart the tendency to steal citizens’ data and imprison those who make particles in their cunt with tools like Pegasus. If the Internet’s endeavor for freedom now contributes to the strengthening of democratic sentiments everywhere … if governments help to correct their mistakes … what could be more inviting than if it paves the way for a better, safer world?

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