Top 5 social media Networks .

top 5 social media Networks .


Facebook Facebook is world biggest number one social media platform Facebook is one to one chat and Facebook pages and Groups to contact the people . Facebook search result also would number one .

twitter : twitter is second Largest social media platform twitter in 200 words to write post and photos , videos share your twitter photos , videos , twit now .

WhatsApp WhatsApp is mobile android Application this is encrypted one to one chat and groups are created to share your post and videos , photos .

YouTube ! YouTube is google product is video platformer this YouTube your videos to upload the world Large video platform google ad senses to earn money also .

Telegram: telegram is one of the Android platform this like WhatsApp in telegram channels and group to share your content Telegram .

Tumblr : tumblr is online share content platformed is created in yahoo Search Engine company this and yahoo messenger also used this type of product in online

LinkedIn LinkedIn is online professional working people are get together in this play fame your create account forcesĀ  this LinkedIn app and website .


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