smart phone social media internet everything personal anymore

smart phone social media internet everything personal anymore

smart phone social media internet everything personal anymore

the India internet used day by day more increase this time mobile phone  security also impartment nw a days smart phone to do anything possible, mobile phone users also use social media used facebook,instagram,whatsapp, twitter are used one of this social media platform some social engiers are hacked there account to personal information  gathering like bank account and pin net banking  username and passwords some new payment apps like paytm, google pay  this app upi base money transfer the users this users in india 50core above some people are use internet any time on the smart  phone this is one for way to hack the smart phone security thread your work after off the internet .

How to  security social media?

Social media platform are time user name and passwords change every 2moths  ones change passwords and use 2 factor authorization login social media,  never share personal information and some short dress photos not share like bigni  photos ex..  every person not add your friend are follower, first you can check the person ask money information to your friends that person is not your friend block the account,

How to security smart phone?

This time we are tell some tips and tricks first thread to save your phone this way install find my dives, and some tracking application facebook alsogive this type of tool second your phone screen look paten face reconigetion  or thebe to use screen lock and 2 factor authentication use, your mobile use money send applications divides lock to protect your online wallet third anti security apps and bock detector apps install your smart phone, malware protective software used to security.

Final words :

Now a days every one  use 4G internet this are very happy some works  are  firstly doling  many people are use 20k rate smart phones first secure mobile don’t click anon  person mails and messages we tell so many tips to follow to happy  use internet      

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