Shopping Online! Good news for tech lovers


Shopping Online! Good news for tech lovers!

Good news for tech lovers. For online shopping, one has to log in to unidentified websites and apps. At this time many (hackers) cybercriminals stealing personal information phone numbers, gmail, and many more with the help of passwords. one if the companies are try the giants are now best making a crucial decision to many time check them out.

Several reports have surfaced that Apple, Google and Microsoft are making a key decision on the occasion of World Password Day.

How is that
Usually with a smart phone we use face ID verification on Apple’s iPhone, scanning Google UPI payments. Tech experts say that with the new technology being developed by Apple, Google and Microsoft, it is possible to log in to websites without a password.

how to possible to log in user account without a password?
Experts say that it is possible to log in without a password. It is said to be possible with emerging new technologies. It is said that in the future, with the help of biometrics, websites and apps can be logged in without a password. Users’ problems with two-factor authentication are now gone. Dots will appear for cybercriminals

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