How To Create YouTube Shoots .



How To Create YouTube shoots .

YouTube shorts . First what is youtube shorts . ? and How to create in mobile an post youtube short meains video is 2min video is post in your videos the video is show in views in short play list this is Top searchin google and youtube . How To uplade youtube short ? The First your creat a 2min video then offter video . Your gmail account to create YouTube account and create youtube changed . Chanal name and logo uplode in The channal . Top Side uplode video and shoot is shoing your selart short video uplode . To the title and Tagis most impartent in short video uploded after your video is poblish in YouTube Shord YouTube Short To earn mony this all so Enable google adsence to show ads on your short videos many people views to earn more money and papulor your channale .

Final words ! You Tube is every day new bools is coming your follow to create videos more views to earn money shoot video making and uplode is very simple . people are intresting your ideas more mony is comin your packed .

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