google Ads: Google announces key decision


Google: Browsing teenagers .. Google announces key decision
google Ads: Google has no objection to browsing in the case of Plus. But it says they are not able to use it until they are 13 years old. However, due to the lack of an algorithm to detect under age, many people misrepresent their age and use Google. Google has made a key decision to crack down on these scams.

Google has announced that it will try to stop the ad targeting scam in the case of teenagers. To this extent the tech giant will be spying on users under the age of eighteen. Advertising companies usually display ads based on age, gender, and user interests. Even scams happen in this order. However, Google is now focusing on these scams in the case of the 18B age group.

Google has begun efforts to bring in a block ad feature to block such ads. To this end, Google has released a statement saying that it will take several steps this year to control the user ad experience. We have already taken steps to block the Age Sensitivity Ad categories for a safer browsing experience for children and teenagers. An announcement was made on Monday that more precautions would be taken against those under 18 plus.

Google has already brought in menus like About This Ad, along with features explaining why those ads are being displayed and who is displaying it.