Good news for Android users Google with the latest plan if the same happens


Good news for Android users ..! Google with the latest plan .. if the same happens ..!

Google will soon bring good news to Android users. Google is preparing to make major changes in terms of user privacy. This will provide security for Android users like Apple.

On the way to Apple …
Google will follow in the footsteps of Apple. Tech giant Google is planning to bring the user privacy provided for iPhones to Android smartphones. In April 2021, Apple introduced a new user privacy policy for iPhones. With this, Apple is offering a feature that prevents third party apps from tracking the user. Google is working to bring a similar feature to Android users.

Privacy Sandbox ..!
Google is introducing a new privacy sandbox feature for sharing data with third-party app users. Anthony Chavez, Vice President of Product Management at Android, commented on the privacy changes on his blog. Private Advertising Solutions says we are announcing a program of a few years to bring in new privacy. Said it would reduce the sharing of data with third parties. A spokesman for the company said it would be available forever. Anthony, however, said it would take at least two years to bring about these changes in the policies and that Google would work with partners to implement them. On the other hand, it seems that restricting tracking on Android devices could be a problem for many companies.

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