Facebook Inspiring Story

Facebook inspiring story

Facebook is start mark zukar bath is college student time friends all are chat application to share all i information to all college friends to 2004 start facebook social Media website is Short time to reach many people have used and share photos and videos. 2004 to 2010to this time  100milion people used every day this is number 1 social media in entire world.

Facebook 2011 is taken whatsapp Mobile chat application 3miliion dolores to buy this whatsapp company this is no ads i. The application. Mark zukar barg Instagram is starting is others social media sites this also 2020 time 500 milition peoples used every day this Facebook company

Social media company 10 billion dollars earn per year the mejior Facebook to come revanu zukar barg 50 and more social media companie are running this time facebook is number 1 social media network.

 Year of 2022 to facebook company name is change called as meta is sybal is infity this total company name is logo meta to change the mark zukar barg.

Facebook to used some spouned ads is disply in people this is a Facebook ads people are see to business and paid promotion to use this type of ads , facebook every 2000 people to 100 rupees charged the sponsrd ads this is Major revanu in Facebook and Instagram all so same

Facebook is own products also create this messager and business application, facebook some news pepars and electonic media also taken buy the sikat barg, facebook now meta is working 100 and many companies to 10 lacks employees  worked this company.

Meta is planning meta bite this way many more improve the adines good attract the mobile users to virchuval technology is used meta is few years to leach this program. Up coming days.